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Green Light Ray

Frequently Asked Questions

If we have not answered your questions here, contact us any time! 

What does Estate Maid actually do for you? 

We are Estate Separators, first and foremost. We separate your trash and disposables such as drugs, chemicals and old food to your finest art, coins, furniture and jewelry. We have separate categories such as Good, Better and Best for your items to be separated into, saving you time and endless guessing of what items in your Estate are actually worth appraising.  

Why do we have you pay before we separate your estate?

The reason for this is because we are a service-based company. We cannot get back our time and money invested in working at a location. We require payment upfront as a guarantee that the paid-for services will be rendered. 

What other services do you offer?

We offer auction and moving services, garbage removal, and a host of other services that completely cover anything you may need in regard to your estate. Whether it is towing or mowing, we have you covered. 

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