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What We Do

When it comes to your estate or divorce, we make your decisions easy!

Our team of experts will separate the contents of your estate into basic categories such as: Jewelry and Watches, Good, Better or Best Items, Donate, Sentimental or Trash. We offer appraisals and other support services as well. Estate Separation made easy!


We are not liquidators. We are Estate Separators!

We work with Estate Executors and Planners, Estate Attorneys, Insurance Companies, Divorce Lawyers, Financial Advisors, Private Clients, Charities, Realtors and Arbitrators, just to name a few!


Ever wonder what is actually worth having appraised in your estate? That is why we are here! Our separation services allow you to understand what needs thrown out, donated, auctioned, sold, or appraised!

Separation Services


Items can be sold at local flea markets or garage sales. These items are simply not worth a lot of money. They can also be donated if desired. The average home may contain up to 50% of these items.


Items that have are collectable value or are of some significance. This may include jewelry, art, furniture, or other items of decent value. Most are not worth being appraised. They are appropriate to sell or auction.


Obvious items that need to be removed such as food, bedding, newspapers, drugs, chemicals etc.

These items should be appraised including jewelry and diamonds, watches, fine art, coins, firearms, or other items that we feel could carry a significant value that potentially benefit the estate.

This will include Photos, photo albums, personalized items, etc. that you select. We require a list or picture of these special items. 

We suggest items like common dishware, less valuable furniture, lamps, shoes, and certain articles of clothing be donated.

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Watch and Jewelry Separation

Ever wonder what is real? With our years of experience and certifications our expert team can sort and authenticate your watches, jewelry, or diamonds into 4 basic categories.


Gold and Diamonds


With our own in-house watch authentication facility and jewelry identification and grading lab, our expert team is well equipped to answer all your questions. 

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Our constantly expanding team of experts can provide you appraisals in the following areas:
  • Jewelry and Watches
  • Art and Antiques
  • Firearms, Hunting and Fishing Equipment
  • Coins
  • Furniture
  • Automobiles, Boats and Recreational Vehicles
  • Sterling Silver Flatware
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Additonal Services

Moving & Storage

With our expert movers, we can provide packing, moving and short-term storage for your estate needs.

Trash Removal

From a trash can to a dumpster, we can provide removal services for any items needing removed from premise. Such as food, mattresses, drugs, chemicals, metals, newspapers and other items.

Lawn Mowing

Whatever your lawn service requirements are, we can meet them! From simply mowing or edging to a complete curbside manicure, we can help! 

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Automotive and Boat Removal

With proof of ownership or written authorization, we can haul your old cars, boats or recreational vehicles off the property to be properly disposed of.

Auction Services

For the items you wish to have auctioned, we have several auction houses we recommend. We cannot guarantee the results or outcome of these auctions. 

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Estate Buying

Want your estate gone? We can offer to purchase the entire estate. This provides the least amount of inconvenience for you and your loved ones.


Estate Maid is here to provide simple, practical solutions to your complex estate matters.

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